Wow, another year is fast approaching. Did you meet your forecast this year? How about your stretch goals?

For most business owners the nagging question is how do we drive significantly more opportunities and sales. In this spirit, I thought I’d share three of our favorite questions and how we use them to assist the dozens of B2B companies we consult with.

  1. Are our customers purchasing everything they can from us? Far to often companies spend disproportionate time and money chasing new customers when the fastest path to revenue might be a sales or marketing campaign directed at current customers that have more potential.
  2. If we had every prospect on a list, how big would it be? The average sales person can work a list of maybe 200 names when most companies should be getting their message in front of tens of thousands. Focused marketing efforts (whether it is advertising, direct marketing or automated email prospecting) can close that gap.
  3. Which two current customers would I like ten more of, and why? It’s not always the largest customer! Ask yourself who is the most profitable, easiest to work with, longest tenure, how you acquired them, what makes them special, etc… Create a hyper targeted list of other prospects that look like them. You may be better off spending more time and money on a few really good prospects than “spraying and praying!”

When it comes to B2B companies – marketing and sales are the same – it’s just prospecting one-to-many instead of what a sales person does one-to-one (for the first few steps of the process). Understanding this is key to achieving systematic pipeline growth.

Follow the link if you want access to the same strategic tools and models we use to help our B2B clients grow.

Gravity Marketing is celebrating 10 years in the business. That’s 10 years of growing client businesses alongside our own. It’s also 10 years of trial and error, risk and reward, lessons learned, and problems solved. In this series, Gravity Marketing’s president and founder, Mike Kuharske, shares the top insights he’s gained over 10 years as an entrepreneurial marketer.