When J.D. Griffiths, a residential garage builder in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, hired Gravity Marketing as their outsourced marketing department, their marketing program consisted of multiple independent tactics. Gravity set out to create a cohesive strategy with specific audience targets, measurable goals, and ways to analyze and improve along the way. After one year of implementing a focused, integrated marketing strategy, Gravity was able to help J.D. Griffiths reach broader audiences in new ways. Our marketing helped increase sales and achieved an 82% return on investment in advertising spend.


Prior to working with Gravity, J.D. Griffiths advertised through several forms of mixed media, including radio, search engines, organic Facebook posts, and print ads to generate leads. They also received leads through word of mouth and referrals thanks to their industry-leading reputation.

When developing their new marketing strategy, we evaluated their past marketing initiatives from top to bottom to determine what worked and what didn’t. From there, we mapped out a campaign-based plan that included established paid channels as well as the introduction of new owned ones, such as an optimized website, a growing email database, and social media.

Campaign Approach

With any good marketing campaign, it’s essential to have brand cohesiveness and message consistency across multiple channels. This is because it takes multiple exposures of a message before it can be absorbed by consumers.

One campaign Gravity executed was focused on reaching Milwaukee neighborhoods where J.D. Griffiths was looking to have a larger presence. We created a “We’re in the Neighborhood” campaign to showcase the garage work we had completed in those areas. We utilized digital retargeting ads, direct mail postcards, and eBlasts, to reach residents in specific zip codes and drive them to a unique landing page on the website. By keeping a consistent look, feel, and message across multiple channels, we were able to start relationships with new customers while also increasing J.D. Griffiths’ brand recognition across southeastern Wisconsin.

Another campaign was focused on doors. J.D. Griffiths installs and services doors on residential-detached and attached garages, and they can work on them year-round. We created Facebook ads and radio ads during peak seasons for door replacements and service needs so consumers would think of J.D. Griffiths when the need arose.

Systematic Process

As J.D. Griffiths’ marketing team, we also wanted to experiment with A/B testing to truly know what channels worked and which specific aspects of the messaging worked best. This was done through Facebook advertising by using different images and calls to action (CTA), monthly newsletters using various subject lines, and ad placement on several radio stations. Through A/B testing and analyzing these small tweaks, we could better determine what was working and what wasn’t to adjust and fine-tune these new media channels. The goal was to build a systematic process that achieved predictable results.

Measuring Success

Gravity prides itself on sales-driven marketing, which means our marketing efforts are in direct correlation with business goals. We tracked the progress of our J.D. Griffiths marketing program against business revenue throughout the year using key performance metrics. This helped us identify where the marketing program was driving the most value and areas that needed more time and attention.

Our 82% increase in ROI on advertising spend can be directly attributed to a few factors: an overall strategy that gave each channel a goal and a purpose, a mix of evergreen year-round advertising and timed campaign approaches that targeted a specific audience or message, and consistent brand look and feel throughout.

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