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How to Use Zoho CRM on the Go

Now that travel restrictions have lifted, business travel can resume allowing sales teams to meet with prospects and customers. Instead of going through the hassle of pulling out laptops, connecting to the internet, and logging into the CRM, what if your sales team could update their pipeline right in the palm of their hand wherever they are? Help streamline the sales process for your sales team and unlock the power of the mobile Zoho CRM.

In our next Zoho User Session, How to Use Zoho CRM on the Go, we’ll give you the rundown of the Zoho CRM mobile app to help streamline the sales process for your sales team and provide insight on capabilities you probably aren’t using.

More specifically, we’ll guide you in three main areas:

  1. Planning: Build targeted lists based on location/industry
  2. Visit Prospects and Customers: Add business cards and update/add contacts and leads
  3. Follow Up: Build follow-up templates to send emails on the fly

Join us on Thursday, September 16, at 11:00 AM for a 30-minute session to get the latest tips, tricks, and insights on Zoho CRM.
Have a question regarding your CRM? Share it with us we will answer it LIVE on our Zoho User Session.

This event is Online and FREE to attend!  RSVP Today to get your specific questions answered.

Event Link: https://meeting.zoho.com/meeting/register?sessionId=1069893858

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Gravity Marketing LLC is a Zoho Authorized Partner

About Gravity Marketing Zoho User Sessions

Gravity Marketing launched the first and only Zoho User Session in Wisconsin, offering regular sessions throughout the year since 2018. Given the growth in Zoho users we ramped up our session monthly. Join us every month to learn something new and to share Best Practices, Real Case applications, Tips & Tricks and New Features of ZOHO CRM and related sales and marketing apps.

Attendees have the opportunity to ask their own questions and get real-time solutions for their CRM.

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