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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Gravity Marketing as a company and our services we provide. To go directly to a Section, click on a category below.

How much do your services cost?2021-07-21T09:21:45-05:00

Just like our clients, our pricing structure is unique. VMO services average about $5,000 per month. That number is based on many factors like company size, revenue, and how many initiatives we want to tackle at a time. Cost of VMO services can be changed during an engagement based on needs of the company.

Projects are priced on an individual basis and based on complexity, length of time, and stakeholders.

What industries do you work with?2018-09-25T02:57:20-05:00

We work in any industry that our clients are in. Marketing breaks down into many processes that are repeatable. Just as an employee would, we learn your business and bring our unique experience across multiple industries to create a unique system that is ideal for your company.

Our staff has an array of experience and specialties. Check out our staff page to see why our team is so effective, no matter what industry.

Who are your clients?2018-09-25T02:55:40-05:00

80% of our clients are B2B (business-to-business) based. They range from national manufacturers to global chemical processing to local pet care services. All of our clients have the same basic need: a solid marketing system to generate leads for their sales team.

To see some of our current clients go here.

Why would a business need a custom web application developed?2018-09-24T20:35:01-05:00

Even within the same industries, business work in very different ways. Oftentimes, a particular software package, such as an inventory system, a CRM or a DYI website won’t meet 100% of a company’s needs, forcing you to sacrifice functionality and use an off-the-shelf product. Custom application development affords complete flexibility, and can be tailored to work intimately within a very specific workflow. Another benefit is that a custom application can integrate multiple software systems that may not support these integrations natively such as Salesforce and Zoho. This can significantly improve a business’s efficiency.

What is the difference between the Mobile App and the Mobile Website?2018-09-24T20:33:27-05:00

Our Mobile Apps are native Apps that can be downloaded and installed on your compatible mobile device, while the Mobile Website is a web portal that runs directly in the mobile browser on your smartphone or other mobile devices.

What is GoDaddy?2018-09-24T20:32:41-05:00

GoDaddy is a domain registrar and web hosting company that we recommend to many of our clients! It is one of the easiest and cheapest way to acquire a domain. Make your website your own! It also offers DIY websites if you are looking to revamp your company’s look and feel. Talk to us if you want the best advise for a new or revamped website.

Is Zoho expensive for small or medium-sized business?2018-09-24T20:31:49-05:00

Zoho CRM is one of the most affordable CRMs in the market, and one of the best (Bst CRM choice in 2018). Zoho offers a forever free version of the CRM that you can use to manage your business. The Enterprise version allows for true marketing and process automation and only costs $35/month! Start by creating a free account here: https://www.gravitym.com/web-services/zoho-crm/

How can our business’s website show up higher in Google rankings?2018-09-24T20:30:37-05:00

Quality content, mobile responsive design and a good website structure are essential to make your website ready to perform in Organic results in Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and techniques can be designed to your specific website for you to outperform the competition. By optimizing web pages for specific searches we can help you attract more people interested in your services or products.

Why should I integrate my CRM with my company emails?2018-09-24T20:29:46-05:00

It’s extremely valuable to have all emails exchanged with your leads, prospects or clients in one place. With Zoho CRM you can track all incoming and outgoing messages from people on your team directly in your leads or contact profile.

Can you host my website?2018-09-24T20:28:07-05:00

Yes we can host your website. Reach out to us to know the different services we have – simple hosting or managed hosting services. We guarantee 99,99% uptime and manage all the security and backup of your website, as well as plugin updates and recovery plans if your website gets attacked.

What is Gravity?2018-08-23T17:38:09-05:00

Gravity is an outsourced marketing solution for small and medium sized businesses. We make businesses more profitable by creating process around sales and marketing initiatives.

Gravity is made up of 3 main parts:

  • Gravity Marketing – Home of our Virtual Marketing Officer (VMO) service
  • Marketing Services –
  • Web Services –
What is VMO?2018-08-23T17:29:53-05:00

VMO is short for VIRTUAL MARKETING OFFICER. Each of our clients is assigned a team of marketing professionals that acts as a superhuman employee. We conduct 90% of our clients work virtually. Why would we do that?

  • Saves our clients thousands per year on salary, benefits, office needs, etc.
  • Keeps work efficient
  • Keeps us accountable for producing consistent results
  • Allows us to serve clients all over the nation and in different industries
Is Gravity an Ad Agency?2018-08-23T17:24:19-05:00

NO. We are actually the “anti-agency.” Agencies are great for projects, and we sometimes use them if given the right circumstance. The issue with agencies is that they typically sell one thing. What solution will an ad agency give for your sales issue? Buying some ads. What will a web developer recommend to make your business more profitable? A new website.

What makes us different is that we act as your employee and look out for your best interests. We lay all marketing “things” on the table and then prioritize them based on initiatives. Then we plan, execute, and track results.

What will a Marketing Manager do for me and my business?2018-08-23T16:50:37-05:00

A marketing manager is your company’s Director of Marketing.

They will:

  • Be the main point of contact
  • Create, execute, and track all projects/campaigns
  • Set up, facilitate, and follow up all meetings
  • Be a project manager
  • Provide direction and driving force behind marketing initiatives
Do you work with companies that already have marketing people?2018-08-23T16:38:11-05:00

Yes of course! Having an internal marketing staff means that we can tackle more initiatives. Sometimes all a company needs is a little direction and we can provide just that. We can work together to create a marketing system that produces noticeable results.

Do you do websites?2018-08-23T16:06:59-05:00

Yes, of course we do. The important question is: do you really need a new website? We get approached all the time with a one-off project for a new website. The problem is that spending money on a website is a waste if it is not being properly used and managed.

In discussing a website project with potential clients, more often than not we discover we can tweak their current site and find higher priority initiatives to tackle first. Marketing projects like websites are great, but are only effective if set up in a complete marketing system.

What kinds of marketing “things” do you do?2018-08-23T15:49:36-05:00

Our staff is experienced in all areas of marketing. Here are a few examples:

  • Email Marketing
  • Websites
  • Event Planning/Execution
  • Public Relations
  • Writing
  • Direct Mail
  • Webinars

We are well-rounded marketing professionals. That being said, if it is decided that a campaign needs to have a specialists, just like an employee would, we will hire an outside vendor for a specific element.

In other words, yes, we can write a basic press release and create a media list. But if PR is something we want to concentrate on as a larger initiative, we may hire an agency with specific media contacts to make messaging more effective.

What is included in the VMO price?2018-08-23T15:45:12-05:00

Think of a VMO as an employee. You pay them for their mind, their contacts, their experience. You wouldn’t expect your VP of Marketing to pay out of pocket for postcards and stamps for a direct mail campaign, right?

Our fee is our salary. All other costs like websites, direct mail, email marketing, etc. are additional.

What is Gravity Content?2018-08-23T15:36:45-05:00

Gravity Content is a subscription-based content creation service. Our team of vetted journalists interviews client subject matter experts to develop articles, ePublications, case studies and white papers on a monthly basis.  The objective is to offer high quality content creation that is easy and affordable.

For Marketing Professionals: We quickly and easily develop the content marketing managers need to fuel email, website, and social media engagement.

For Sales Leaders: No internal marketing team? No problem. We’ll not only create the content, but distribute it as well.

Why does it matter?2018-08-23T15:14:26-05:00

There is a strong demand for quality content – to differentiate and promote thought leadership, to drive traffic to a website through search engine optimization and to encourage the buying process where initial research is happening – online. The challenge is this: quality content does not come without a significant investment in time.

Other content creation services offer too much of an upsell – they want to take over your SEO efforts, digital ad buying, social media and content distribution in addition to developing content. And, they are forgoing the most important asset companies have for finding unique content – their subject matter experts. With Gravity Content, no current marketing or website optimization programs need to change. All we do is take that researching, interviewing, writing and editing process off the client’s plate.

How does Gravity Content work?2018-08-23T14:38:18-05:00

We follow a simple, three-step Gravity Content process:

1. Consultation – A dedicated content editor develops a content map that confirms a client’s audience and voice, list of expert sources, article topics and delivery timeline.

2. Creation – Each month a vetted journalist interviews client experts and writes a valuable article that speaks to the client’s audience and highlights the company’s expertise.

3. Delivery – Our journalistic approach and single-revision guarantee means content is delivered on time.

Does the Content team provide strategy or other marketing services?2018-08-23T14:19:29-05:00

No. If the client wants us to create an ePublication and does not have a distribution system, we will coordinate the distribution for an additional cost. Other than that, all we provide is an article, ePub (one original article + curated content), case study or white paper. The marketing manager, sales leader or business owner determines how they would like to position and share the content to their audiences.

Does a Content client need to be a VMO client?2018-08-23T14:09:08-05:00

No. Gravity Content operates as a separate service offering from VMO, however, we hope many VMO clients will see the value in working with the Content team, and vice versa. For example, if a Content client asks for marketing advice beyond article writing, they will be referred over to the VMO service.

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