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Brand Development

At Gravity, a brand is more than a pretty logo. A brand encompasses the company culture and defines your business to your clients, competitors, prospects, and employees. It dictates how you talk about your company, what you say, and how it looks – from color scheme to images to the channels you choose to communicate through. A well-executed brand creates an identity, establishes credibility, and builds a reputation.

Brand development takes time, effort and investment to truly connect with your target audience in a way that leads to sustainable growth. Our team has the tools and expertise to bring your brand to the forefront.

Brand Development Can Help Your Business

  • Increase trust

  • Improve its image

  • Create customer loyalty

  • Promote consistency with your audience

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Brand Development

The 4 Phases of Brand Development

Brand Strategy: Align your brand refresh goals with your business goals – what is your company trying to achieve and how does it plan to achieve it?

Brand Identity: Determine how the original vision, mission, and value proposition for your company stacks up to how you operate today. Employee, partner, and customer feedback is essential in confirming the brand direction at this phase.

Graphic Design: The part where we make a pretty logo… and other creative guidelines for the brand, including color selection and usage, designs for business cards, presentations, signage, and website look and feel.

Brand Management: After the launch of a new brand, it needs to be managed and nurtured in order to fulfill its goals. This work ranges from proper roll out to employees and consistent use of brand guidelines in all company communications, to measuring the impact a clearly defined brand identity has had on sales.

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