Frequently Asked Questions

Content Marketing

Q: How do businesses measure the effectiveness of content marketing?

A: It is important to look at analytics on a regular basis especially when many of them are free to use. You can tell if your content is working if you see an increase in website traffic – which can be seen through Google Analytics. An increase in social media followers, subscribers and improvement in search ranking are more ways to determine if your audience is sharing your content because they find it appealing.

Email Marketing

Q: How often should my business send emails to our customers?

A: Sending marketing emails varies from business to business. It is important to know your audience and decide what number of emails fit appropriately depending if they are promotional or informative emails. Gravity Marketing will help you determine a frequency that helps your customers engage and generate into leads.

Brand Development

Q: Is a logo the same thing as a brand?

A: No. A logo is a very small piece of the puzzle that will help your customers recognize you and your company. Branding is a strategy that you create in order for your audience to have a positive experience with your brand. It could be from a great commercial, marketing materials, slogans, events and more!


Q: What is a meta data description?

A: It is quick blurb to summarize your web pages content. They are extremely important because they can help increase your click-through rates along with title tags. It will often be appear underneath your listing in a search engine so it is important your short blurb is relevant.

Events & Tradeshows

Q: Why are event and tradeshows important?

A: It is important to network within your community, similar business leaders, and your customers. If you are able to attend events or be a part of a tradeshow it is vital to learn different opportunities and meet new people who could possibly help you down the road.

Social Media

Q: Does my business have to be on every social media platform?

A: Absolutely not. Do research on where your audience makes a presence or specific channels they use to dig more information on businesses similar to yours. Remember to strategically use your energy and content on channels that you know have a chance to be seen by your customers and decide which network is best for your company.

Graphic Design

Q: Do I need to learn how to use Photoshop and InDesign to create nice graphics?

A: Services like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are designed for users to manipulate images and advanced edits. Though it is vital to have this skill in marketing for print purposes and quick edits – there are many alternative resources that can help your create designs for marketing materials such as Design Pickle, Canva, Adobe Spark and many more!

Public Relations

Q: Why is public relation important for my business?

A: Public relations is extremely important for organizations, it can help build credibility if the story brings light to positive work efforts which ultimately increases awareness for current and future customers. It also helps get the word out fast to multiple channels if your business has exciting news to share that is worth sharing to the community.

Direct Mail

Q: Is it worth my time and money to send direct mail versus an email?

A: It all goes back to your audience and how they like to receive messages from your company. Each form of communication has an effect to the receiver and if it feels personalized, which will create a positive experience in your branding efforts.

Digital Advertising

Q: Where can my business advertise digitally?

A: There are many options to promote your business online through paid ads and free ads. Popular paid advertising that we specialize in to increase leads are Google AdWords and Facebook which also connects to Instagram. There are also free advertising opportunities that your business can try such as: Google My Business posts, Craigslist and by joining and posting on Facebook groups tailored to your message.

Marketing Automation

Q: Should my business invest in Marketing Automation?

A: If your business has a strong customer base and expectations for it to keep growing we highly suggest you research software platforms that can help you manage your contact database, social media, tasks and communication. There are many software options that offer different elements that can help your business in many ways.

Lead Generations

Q: How do I convert leads to paying customers?

A: Businesses can obtain leads through subscriber sign-ups, case study downloads, or web form completions. It’s important to not wait for them to make the first move and contact you. Reach out to them immediately after they interact with your branding so they don’t lose interest.  Many of these leads will be in different stages in the buying process and you must be ready to have messaging for each stage to continue the conversation.


Q: How are webinars beneficial?

A: Webinars can be extremely beneficial especially if many of your followers and customers are in different time zones or cannot easily get to you. Anyone and everyone is able to participate (if it’s open to the public) from wherever they are – their office, coffee shop, or comfort of their own home. It is an effective tool if you would like to speak to your audience personally, in real-time and not behind an email exchange.