Websites play a supporting role in the business-to-business sales and marketing process, often functioning as a separate entity and more of an electronic brochure than anything.

If your website’s main function is to supply contact information, product descriptions, company history, and the occasional blog post, it is living in the Website Stone Age.

The websites of today don’t play a supporting role, but a critical bridge to conversion.

Don’t miss out on website-driven growth opportunities by blindly paying for digital advertising, inefficiently responding to online requests, or increasing traffic without the ability to know anything about visitors.

How would your business change if your website could accomplish what these websites do?

Content Marketing — Strategic thought leadership articles are added monthly and shared widely to demonstrate the problem a company’s product or service solves for different target audiences. This has led to increased organic search traffic and a manufacturer’s ability to break into a new market.

Marketing Automation — Digital advertising drives potential buyers to a distributor’s website. Once a form indicating interest is submitted, an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system uses automated emails to finalize the transaction, putting an end to lost leads due to inefficient response times.

Business Automation — A website with a robust and easily-searchable database acts as a central hub for a company with multiple locations, turning a once time-consuming, paper-based process into a one-click update that immediately notifies everyone in the field.

The examples above are of websites that do more than provide information. They collect data and perform business processes that before were either impossible or were dependent on an employee’s availability, efficiency, and consistency.

Gravity Marketing’s new Web Services division combines the knowledge of sales professionals, marketing experts, and website developers to design, build, and launch websites directly tied to revenue generation. Our talented team uses a combination of code and content to automatically facilitate lead generation, handle transactions, integrate with other client business systems, and more. Contact us today to learn more.