Blogging for business is an effective way to boost online visibility and build relationships with your target audience. By consistently publishing quality content on your website’s blog, you are able to provide more value for prospects and customers alike, which can, in turn, lead to increased conversions, higher sales, and improved customer retention. Besides, the industry-specific value your business can offer, a blog gives you a big advantage in search engine rankings.

Quality Content
A blog is like your company’s very own newspaper. Through blogging, you share what your company is all about, ranging from the stories behind events and traditions your company has, to articles that highlight your values to summaries about your skills and expertise. These stories and insights can establish you as a thought leader within your industry by showcasing what you believe in, highlighting your successes, or sharing tips and tricks to make life easier. Your audience likes to see a large amount of content that they can read and learn from, but it’s also important because search engines like to see frequent blog posts. The more posts you create, the more pages of quality content you have for search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo to scan and index.

Blogging drastically improves SEO
Wondering how it works? Google will check your website one to two times per month. If you have rich, new content on a regular basis, Google will rank you higher in search results than if you just have static pages or pages that don’t change very often, such as the ‘About or a Contact pages. If you only have static pages, your website will rank lower for any given search term or keyword because Google has decided that your site could be old and outdated.

Keyword Rankings
Keyword rankings are another benefit blogging brings to your business. Your blog will show up in search engines for many more keywords than just the big ones that an SEO team determines for your website. By simply blogging for your business consistently, you can get an increase in website traffic from potential customers who might have searched for relevant keywords that pertain to your content. With the abundance of keywords that answer questions people are searching for, Google ranks your site as an authority in your niche. This means you might attract a new client or customer that normally would never have found your company with a more generic keyword.

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